Pretty Boy

Even though I am a relatively masculine male

I do not see why I can’t emulate a female

By emulate, I mean not dressing entirely

In female clothes, not exactly me undeniably

However, I do enjoy painting my face

For colors do conceal the skin, no major disgrace

I am by far not someone transgendered

Just someone unique and not a blender

And getting pretty becomes of much delight

When I am stressed out & ready for a fight

For the art that is involved with this behavior

Calms my nerves, that is something major

Not that my mother can ever identify

The cause for it “which should be rectified!”

“You want to be me!” she once screamed

Far from the truth, it is thus deemed

The truth of the whole matter you would agree

Is that stars in Hollywood dress up to some degree

Though it is still difficult for me to fully comprehend

Why others take offense to this, for it is only pretend

Society seems to dictate all these idiotic rules

To be followed vehemently or you seem the fool

Not that I will change my creative nature

Even if the flowers were to wilt and denature

For I follow the beat of my own drum

As to avoid vodka, beer and coconut rum.

In the end I only need those who accept me for me

For I am thus a one of a kind you would nod to agree


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