I was talking to my little sister yesterday
She looked at me
  And this is what she had to say
Do you think I'm pretty
Like those people on T.V.
Those fashion models
Business Mongrels
That walk the L.A. streets

The girls at school say I'm not
They say that I'll never be
They laugh, tease & taunt me
They make me feel small
They make me feel ugly, not wanted
And worst of all

They make me feel less like the girl you tell me I am
You tell me I''m pretty
Amazing in every way
But those girls the ones I see every day
They hurt me in a way that doesn't
Make me want to walk tall

Because I've heard it a lot
So much that I am beginning to feel
That I have no appeal to anyone
So I'll ask you again

Not as you being my sister
But my closest friend
Do you think I'm pretty?

I looked at her
I could see the pain of what those girls had done
I could see that my work was not yet done
So I smiled even though
I had tears in my eyes

I smiled to her
And to her I replied
You are beautiful in every single way
From now on I'll tell you every single day
I know it's hard but listen to me
Even though you may not want to
Don't listen to what those mean girls say
They know that you are pretty

They really do
They know you are pretty
And now you know it too
With those last words I saw a new light in her eyes
She smiled and straightened her back with pride

Say it I told her knowing she needed to
Just like she needed me to say it too
I'm pretty she stated
I'm pretty she beamed

I knew I had helped her self-esteem
I was proud and now my work was through

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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