The prettier things


You walk down the hall with your heart beating your heart dreaming as you think of her

she does not know it yet but you love her, love her with all you can

You stop at her door shaking partially breaking you dont know it yet but she will rip you to pieces

deep breathes in and out one two three steel your nerves nerves to step foward onto the door

she dosent know it yet but she was all you had left and know shes gone

Barely making the cut in her eyes never seemed so good until cold water douses your face maybe she really was playing her own game

You swallow the knot suffocating you as you try one more time maybe this time she will notice maybe know that your their she will have to maybe, maybe not but then again you never really knew

The smiles drop the silence is heavy and you cant help but feel like you dont belong in this world in her world of the prettier things and the famous

She dosent know it yet but when she dragged you through the mud it was the last time 

their was never a you and her and the more you realize the sadder it gets the farther it gets 

You run back home knowing their are not enough bandaids in the world to fix it this time 

You wonder then how you ever felt like you where good enough

it never really crosses your mind that maybe its just her maybe your fine.. no no thats not right.. right?

Know its over and once again you are left behind while she climbs her golden stair case up to her place where the prettier things live with the better things 

She dosent know that this is the fourth time you would cry yourself to sleep over her while you never cross her mind

She dosent know that you would have married her one day given her two kids a dog and a white picket fence with a happy ending 

You dont know that she secretly wants that wants you but shes vain and stuck in her own game

You dont know that you will meet another girl soon another menber of the prettier things except this time it will be different 

she dosent you do she does you dont in the end it is over between the both of you 

She dosent know she'll marry for money that will eventually run out

Because love never did like waiting around being tossed around like some doll 

You are leaving to a new school away from the bullies and the heart aches while your parents promise you it will be ok this time 

And tomorrow when she wakes up and your not their like you always are ready to stay by her shadows crawling all around her it is going to be a very sad day in the land of the prettier things



Thank you so much really i like when my poetry attracts people because in all honesty i dont plan it i let my feelings go the thoughts form and then i put it to paper and i thought it was unappealing that way at times sense no one really said anything so thank you :)

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