The pretender

She walks in a straight line
Her shoulders puffed up
And the look of thought expressed upon her face
The ideal teen
A model citizen
She seen legit
Or at least she appears to be
For she is a robot
She walks in that straight line of society
With the intoxication of an American education
For she is rather good at mocking the values of those around her
She does it almost trancelike
Like clockwork
But one day she realizes
Thats not who she is
As she craves for liberty
But falls short everytime
And dies inside
She is reincarnation time after time
But death is always waiting
lurking in her darkness
"freedom!" she cries
But noone hears her
So she remains enclosed in society
A mere puppet she is always
"fuck conformity!" she screams
But she knows the price of being different
So she remains the pretender
Not A false being of society
but a being of impure morals
who wears the pin of the American dream
as a badge of dishonor
to the people who walk the paved roads
to the peers in her classes
and most of all
to the one truth that has been covered

This poem is about: 
Our world


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