A Prestigious Ghazal

This year's awards season requires complete attention, by any means necessary.

Also useful would be to view films with comprehension, by any means necessary.


The first one on my list was Steven Spielberg's presidential epic,

Where Daniel Day-Lewis remarkably entered Abraham Lincoln's dimension, by any means necessary.


Then followed Django Unchained, another film surrounded by slavery,

Although Quentin Tarantino's antebellum vision was to take on a much bloodier depiction by any means necessary.


Argo was next with the laughable Ben Affleck in the director's chair;

However his efforts were sublime as he portrayed the Iranian hostage crisis with intrigue and tension, by any means necessary.


Les Miserables proved to be a disappointing misfire;

Indeed, it shall remain incomplete--quite an exception--by any means necessary.


A delightful surprise arrived in the form of Silver Linings Playbook,

Which should certainly receive some honorable mention by any means necessary.


What is left as-yet unseen by my watchful eye is Zero Dark Thirty,

Centered around bin Laden, I await with apprehension. By any means necessary.


As for the other three nominees...

This young critic will avoid them with biased condescension, by any means necessary.




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