There are many varieties.

Yet so little is one in our society,

Stops this monstrosity in a way,

That will improve children's days.

For me it all started one day;

The same day my childhood began to fade away.

We were watching the basketball game,

When my friends began to say it was lame.

"Let's leave this place."

"Yeah! Let's go watch the drag race."

I feared this was not a good suggestion,

As I knew I had to be home at seven.

I told them I probably couldn't go.

They replied "Ask, the worst she could say is no."

Just as the phone began to ring,

My thoughts commerced to sing.

The answer was just as I had feared,

My mother had exclaimed. "No, Not in a million years!"


You'll easily get by.

My hands started to sweat,

As I realized what came next.

I quietly muttered, "I don't think that's a good plan."

But then spoke Roxanne,

"Hey everyone she's scared."

For that statement I was unprepared.

Peer pressure was her way to try and make me go.

"No, I don't think I'll go."

I stated.

This was NOT the answer they had awaited.

They walked out deciding not to make a scene.

At this time I was only thirteen,

Young and vulnerable.

Still my friends goal was not achievable. 

I was no longer mentally a little one,

But the first of many hard years had just begun. 



This poem is about: 
My family
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