I am who I am.

I am like the wind

soft and suttle , but always present.

I am the smoke that desperatly escapes from the past fire.

I am who I am.

I am like the series of phases of wine.

I am prepped , pirmed, and beaten all to be somones headache for tomorrow.

I am who I am .

I am the clay that easily moves in the gifted hands of the creator

crafted to perfection.

Yes , I have been moved  and passed to the next

only to be belitted by the ones who I call friend.

I am who I am

So  I can't let anyone see who I really am because I  see what  you are  weaing is fake too.

So yes I wear her prudly.

No one Is innocent . Just know that I will take mines off once you take yours off.

I am who I am.





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