Present us

I'm feared
Scared thinking of failure
My will, successful behavior 
But hearts only beat from love
This love it will free me 
Come sneaky and kill me
Or mold me withholding 
In trust it will skill me
The love that I hide deep inside 
Deads my pride
So I lie 
On my soul to keep hold 
Of the feelings I get from you
Being touched by you
Sharing blood with you
Through our blood a new
Face is born 
To rule our histories glory and dreams
In him my love and peace they both scream
Hallelujah some joy and rejuvenating
The best fails to capture the love we making
This feels like some history in the making
I'm thankful I'm thankful that you are my king.
Don't break me betray me or take things to heart
Just picture a wall made of flowers and tears
Built up after years of living my fears
In us I can breathe even though I can't see what the future may hold or look like
I know I look bomb as hell when im in white
Giving up my wheel to God so our soul can get right 
Maybe one day We'll laugh at 
these years, no tears
This poem is about: 
My family


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