Present, Future?

And always there will be
the ambitious and aspiring
and " progress,"
technological advancements,
gadgets and doo- dads
to entertain and enthrall...
But meanwhile
the gap is widening
between the priveledged
and despairing
and this gap is a chasm
- an unfanthomable
As society too,
their silly perks and seductions
at the greedy,
- the lucky ones
those ever willing to grab...
Though actually,
it's one step forward
and two back
it's like the words of the song,
" every form of refuge
has its price."
While here,
with amenities,
living comfortably,
the young are still dazzled
by fashion and pop culture-
their days spent
attaining more and more...
As Biblical words
are forgotten-
they've become a distant
echo, asking,
" What profit a man
if he gain the whole world,
but lose his own soul?"
And leaders seek
world domination
the value of children's lives...
and the sick are languishing without healthcare,
as former workers lose their homes,
joining the ranks of whole families,
veterans, and those with degrees- now destitute,
no help in sight, no where safe to turn...
And yes,
it's dog eat dog-
always has been,
as the morals of previous
keep eroding...
and people are saying,
" it's the sign of the
shake their heads
growing more jaded,
numbed by the news-
of crime and wars,
the insanity of a new world-
not brave,
this dystopia-
that is,
God's saving grace...

This poem is about: 
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

I've been composing this a while... the news has us with so much to think about. Whereas I like the message, I wonder if my style here sounds a bit fragmented- What do you all think?

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