Present-Day Slave Mentality


*sound of whips* *man hollers* *women scream* *child cries*
Ancestors forcefully taken from a place they called home,
Foreign land, foreign faces, together yet still alone,
Something unexplainable has happened.
From when the sun rose, to when the day end,
The treatment of my people and the color of their skin blend,
DIRT: is the common factor.
*sound of police dogs* *man hollers* *women scream* *child cries*
Brutalized and targeted for something we cannot change,
Skin color still a deciding factor in this day and age,
Seen as less, because we’re: BLACK.
Fight back they say, follow nonviolence they say,
It doesn’t matter what we portray,
Because in the end, there’s no hope in sight.
Colleges, scholarships, future careers, in sight,
Bonding with my roommate, who happens to be white,
Times have changed for the better.
*my tone changes*
It erks me the mindset that some blacks have sometimes,
It was not today’s whites’ personal doing of those bad times,
Yet some blacks still tend to blame all whites and society.
Some waste their energy with all that hatred and spite,
Going around with attitudes and anger like it’s alright,
creating a negative image for themselves.
Society is not the reason you are “strugglin’”,
The future of a healthy black community really depends,
On how we see ourselves as individuals.
Let go of the past and look towards tomorrow,
this “slave mentality” has to change for growth, so
Look at yourself as God sees you.
Never forget the past or it can be repeated,
Let go and let God for forgiveness, confidence, and self-esteem is needed,
No one can keep you down except for yourself.
Many of us have more potential than it seems,
Yet they allow other people to deem
That they are nothing but a stereotype.
the black community is not how it is today because of society,
Blacks need to let go of how they think “whites” view them and then they will see,
That their future is in nobody’s hands but their own.


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