The Preposterous Law

Why are prisoners not allowed to have sex with their mates of the opposite-sex?
If a woman agrees to have sex with her man in prison and vice versa,
The preposterous law does not allow this reasonable thing to happen
Yet the law cannot prevent inmates from having sex with inmates of the same sex
Homosexual and lesbian sexual activity continues to happen in prisons

Something needs to be done about the situation, it is no laughing matter
The law of mankind is a deception and it does not encourage morals
Prisoners are not entirely denied the right to have sex as the authorities claim,
They are only denied the right to have sex with persons of the opposite-sex
Frankly, the confused legislators do not know what they are doing

The correctional system is for punishing and reforming wrongdoers
We cannot reform people by turning them into homosexuals and lesbians
The ridiculous law contributes to an increase in sodomy and sapphism
Gays and lesbians do not have a problem with this because it works in their favour
But what do heterosexuals have to say about this burning issue?

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My country
Our world


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