Premier Automne


There she sat, the summer storm

Of light and love, of life ‘twas born

The leaves, they grew, the vines entwined,

The Sun, it smiled, so sweet and kind


Alas, so close, a pace away,

Sat winter’s snow, cold as clay,

His hands were cold; his eyes were warm

And ice and bones; his creatures’ form


Days shall pass, and so shall nights,

Each one crept close, to keep in sights

The other’s trace, all they could see,

Yet neither ever moved to flee


But Winter broke the bond unspoken,

And Summer flew, the moment broken,

All fools act such, so Winter followed,

Turning to ice the grounds long hallowed


She ran and ran, through grass and lake,

But close behind charged his cold wake,

Until the truest reckoning came,

And Winter hung his head in shame


He turned around and slumped back home,

With heavy heart, his steps alone,

And as he left the frozen land,

The lively earth reclaimed its brand


Summer, though, felt lonely pain,

Her newfound heartbreak brought fresh rain,

With Winter gone she could not live,

Even if he only took what she could give


And now the Tree of Life has gained,

Two new lovers, their hearts restrained,

As they chase and chase each other ‘round,

The human circle, earth-stuck, earthbound





this poem was originally inspired by a short I watched on youtube by the same name. I encourage you to search it up and watch it as well, it is an excellent source of inspiration. as always, thank you for reading.

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