A little Hispanic boy holds his mother’s hand. They were in a white town.A bland, white town.And all it took was one smile,And the hand of the little girl is pulled away By her own mother.“What are you doing?”“Why are you saying hello to that?” You can’t tell me it doesn’t exist.The attitudes and phrases that leaveThe mouths of people whoHold false opinions in their heart Slip away....The feelings of that little childAre hurt when that women says “You can’t play.” It’s incredible how a tone and pigmentStill means so much in this world...How passions and beliefs are thrown awayLike a crumpled piece of paper,Saying “you are not good enough.” What hurts the most is that those Crumpled papers are whySociety is the way it is.Judging seems to be normality this day and age.Where your appearance is the way you are as a person. The way the little boy spoke,The way the he talked and walked,The way he dressed.But, how can the way you lookDefine you as a soul. His heart should not have a label.Your personality should shine in all means available.His soul should prosper in all auras of society.Your opinion should be appreciated wherever you go.You and that poor little boy matter. Don’t listen to what they have to say.Don’t even try.It’s not worth it. Your eyes can distinguish between black and white.Your hearts have the ability and power to feel pain. Our appearances may differ.We’re not perfect.We all have flaws.Our souls are all born angelic, Not demonic. We are humans.Humans born in a society where assumptions are turned into reality, Where your perplexity,Where you live,A skin color,Belongings,And the way you express yourself,Are the reason why you are the way you are.The reason why you should be accepted or not accepted. Why would that small,Innocent,Little childHave to pay for the harshness of society.Why would he have to suffer and hurtJust because that lady, or that man won’t show him equal respect. Surprisingly, this occurs all of the time.But, it does not have to. It really, honestly does not. Is this really where we want future generations to grow up in?Is this really what we want our world to be carved into?Is this really how we want to be seen in the eyes of God?As a cruel society,That judges on the most meager things that go on in the world.As a place where war is preferred over peace.As a place where color and appearance are valued over heart and soul. Where you can’t even feel safe on the streets.The heartbeats of those in our world Are kneeling downLonging to unite with their desires. The women on that busSat down and gave us a reason to fight. That man shared his dream and helped Us enlight.We must be the light of the future.We must improve the way we prosper and succeed. We must work together to stop the hate in the world. We are the face of the universe.We are the key to change. Let the passion of society integrate into one.Let the planets above admire our beautiful mankind.Let the stars twinkle at the sight of our happiness.Let cultures and societies amalgamate into a uniform way of life.Let the human race globally live in a globe of peace and sincerity.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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