Predicament Now


Predicament Now

By David Flack

 The tension builtOne more thrust neededI had the will to succeedBut had I succeeded? Then one day,From out of the blueCame a dawning of wisdom and knowledge,So true. How might this be?How is it so?To gain all this foresight,One might never know. And with all this new knowledge Came power and pride.And the struggles, though great,The stress I did hide. Seen with great prowess,And all my fears away,The image I madeTruly tore me away. So now the world sees me,As one to succeed.“Help is something self madeShould not need.” But the truth is much different,My fears are rather great.Can I make everyone pleasedIn this new frantic state? So I’ve gotten this far,By my self, who knows how?But staying myselfIs the Predicament Now 

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