There. Sitting just on that abandoned bench. That beautiful girl all alone. Can’t you see someone used to be with her there? Have you seen those admirable big eyes of hers? And not to forget to mention those elongated eyelashes. See her hair? That blonde hair reaching the middle of her back? He used to run his fingers through it.  Do you remember that not so perfect smile she used to have upon her face? That smile she only had with him? Did you know her heart was glass? So lucid that you knew exactly how she felt. Did you hear? Hear what he did to her? Can you imagine? That glass heart of hers was eradicated from her chest and propelled against the wall. Do you know what glass does? It shatters. Shatters into a multitudinous amount of pieces. Did you see the gashes on her hands? She tried to gather the remnants. She doesn’t know where they dispersed to. I think he recovered a few. Did he deceive her the entire time? Does he know what the word love genuinely means? And there it descends. That first harrowing tear. She perseveres to be dynamic. She just can’t do it. He destroyed her. Killed her soul; her smile. Do you think she will ever love again? She’s such an anomalous person. No one indubitably knows her like he does. Did you know she would have married him? She loves him. She fell intensely for those brilliant blue-green eyes and sweet smile. See her there? She’s gazing at her hands through crying eyes. Can’t you tell? She’s remembering his hands there. Reminiscing. She misses him. Misses what they had, and who she thought him to be. She’d do anything to get him back. Can’t you feel it? No matter what he does to her she’s forever going to forgive him. She knows she shouldn’t. But love is mightier than her. It easily crushes her. Can you taste it? The rain? It’s falling down on her. Aren’t you inquiring? Who is attempting to help her? No one. No one can. She just has to agonize through it. Do you think the tears help? If only he could see her. What he did to her. Do you think he knows? Did you hear? She’s given up. She doesn’t want to live. She put away all the evidence. Now she’s left drowning in her thoughts and memories. What is she doing? Is that the diamond ring? The one he gifted her? She’s bestowing it upon the forlorn bench. Wait. She’s walking away? Will she come again? Where is she escaping to? Look over there. Do you see? That’s him. The one who did this to her. What does he have amongst him? An eloquent white rose? Look. Do you see? He arranged it next to the ring. What does this mean? He’s departing from here. Will she return? Can she perceive him? Over there. She’s reappearing. She feels him. His everlasting love. She’s caressing the rose. She breathes in its beauty. Do you see? She’s smiling. And the exceptional ring? She’s sliding it back on her finger. She knows. Knows he sincerely did love her. She knows he’s remorseful, and that he made an aberration. He regrets breaking her. She can tell he wants to make things right. Will her call her? Show up at her window? Tell her he still loves her? What do you think? Their undying love is obvious. Do you think they’ll be together again one day? She’s still smiling.



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