Praying Girl

Hands clasps and eyes raised above,

 We pray for what we love and also for what we do not love,
In the dark we need comfort, So we pray for light,
 When there is pain we need happiness, so we pray everything will be alright
 A girl in her room, a woman next door, a boy in his car, a man in a door,
 Without prayer- Wheres hope?
Without hope- where faith?
Who do we turn to when the world seems to forsake?
Alone in the quiet,
She asks for a chance,
a chance to dream and a chance for a chance,
She opens her eyes, and so do we all,
without prayer we would tumble,
but not get up when we fall.
The day went well,
so we ease to the night,
in blankets she bows her head,
eyes bearly tight,
her hands come together like the sky and blue,
She lets out a sigh,
and says, Thank You.
By- Janelle


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