A Prayer for the Living


Another one gone,

but I don't pray for them,

not for their broken bodies,

or their short lived lives,

I pray for the ones left over,

those they left behind,

broken in spirit,

I pray for Brit,

whose mother is dead,

whose father is poor,

whose baby sister is motherless,

whose little brother is now broken,

I don't care about her mother,

burried now,

there is nothing to be done,

I care about Brit,

who now has one less parent,

who now has to care for her few month older sister,

I don't pray for the dead,

that might make me cruel,

and cold,

and heartless,

and I rarely pray for the living,

but I pray for Brit,

even though neither of us are religious,

and have long sinse left the light of such things as heaven,

but I pray for Brit,

even though it's silent,

and I don't think anyone will here,

I pray for Brit.


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