Pray for My City

I remember when it was safe to play in the middle of the street,

Fighting over who had next in double dutch, never missed a beat.

Had to be in before the streetlights came on,

Or if we were lucky we could stay out with our favorite Uncle John.

I miss those days where everything was fun and safe.

Now we are living in a dangerous place,

A place that wont allows kids to grow up,

A place that is telling kids that it is wrong to show love.

What happened to the old Chicago everyone adored?

We are so use to the daily violence it gets ignored.

Everyone wants to come to Chicago,

But us Chicagoans are trying to LEAVE Chicago!

My city I will forever love,

Babies dying,

Mamas crying,

This isn't the Chicago we know of!

Pray for My city,

I miss the old Chicago,

It used to be so pretty.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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