You never answered any of my questions,

left me cast down and astray.

Taunting me with Your churches;

Preying on me with "just pray."


One simple thing

is all i've ever asked.

To fix my broken mother,

is it such a hard task?

I don't think so.

Years and years of strife,

on both her behalf and mine.

Contemplating what she might do next

to try and end her life.


Well pray and pray I did,

but You never really cared.

Just sat upon Your throne;

laughed and said, "life isn't fair."


You could do something if You wanted.

You could cure her tortured life.

She doesn't deserve any of this;

It's not a fair fight.


To take her monsters away,

is all I really ask.

Replace her demons with angels;

or at least give them nice masks.


But You couldn't do that,

wouldn't give it a second thought.

Laughed at me and asked,

"Why am I the one at fault?"


And maybe You're not the one at fault.

Maybe there is no cure.

But then maybe You're a liar;

Too pathetic to even care.


I used to have hope;

Yea I used to have faith.

But it was misplaced;

the day I realised You are just a predator,

capturing Your prey with the word "pray."



This poem is about: 
My family


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