Pravitas Mundi

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 10:59 -- Erysian

There is darkness abound in these halls

Shadows, velvet black, form the surrounding walls

Light struggles vainly to pierce the ebon' folds

But the dark swallows all, in black- shrouded the fortress holds.

The cloud of ash, the burn of flame

It's all a part of this hellish game.

The thing that looks, is not always the same

And the spiraling world lays down in shame.

How can it hold itself up high?

When wings are torn off, it cannot fly

And the Heavens are cast into Purgatory

And the tear-stain scars of Angels tell their story.

Weep, weep for heavenly grace

Gone and sullied by this place.

What is this evil that we face?

It is Pravitas, beast of deprivation 

King and bringer of the Kingdom Desolation.

It tears and darkens and scars

In silence, invisible, it mars

And holds the mouth quiet with bittersweet cloth

Encouraging despair, dividedness, and sloth.

The darkness is it's drapery

And in its folds all protests are papery

Swallowed by the surrounding dark.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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