Powerless to Powerful


My mind is the most interesting part of me..Limitless! Powerful, stronger than my bones and muscles could ever be. At times almost cracked and took the best of me. My first poem was written in tears upon my face . The vibration hit my chest ,resonated to my heart and left an impression.We were set up to be another statistic in the record of repetitive history. A corrupt cultural family entity. Fatherless would be my life's test. She was adequate to Mother though not meant to do alone she morphed to a firm father provider. Life can be its own natural disaster. So I began to write not too long but soon after...Growing up I felt Powerless.Always heard, "Stay in your place!" and , "Be quiet!" What's next?...Seven years molested. Shame, Fear,Disgust,Self-Detested. Esteem called and I deleted the message.Powerless until I began to write and became a master.No longer will I be Casper unseen and unheard.What happens to a dream deferred , Langston Hughes? See like Dr. King I have dreams too. I write te reveal to others the visions I see. I write to heal and uplift my brother and I write just for me . I write when I am strong and when I am weak . I write cause I'm and Christian and Christ is who I seek.


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