Powerful Family

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 22:05 -- sukh247

Dear Mother,


Oh, how I have longed to meet you,

All the years I could not see you.

Surrounding my every sense,

Yet hiding and leaving me confused, without a hint.


You sing through every bird’s chirp,

And weep storms so we know you are hurt.

How beautiful your world seems,

Riddled with deception and broken dreams.

To the untrained eye you seem bipolar,

But we realize your wisdom as we get older.

Through the twisted and sanded knots of twine,

We understand the beauty in maturity, like an aged wine.


Oh mother, How I have longed to meet,

To learn your secrets and honor your feats.

I will never turn a deaf ear to your voice,

For one who seeks understanding, it is simply not a choice.


Your Humble Child,

Sukhman Singh

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