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Words are powerful little weapons,

They can build castles and tear them down.

Power-packed like a loaded pistol,

Waiting to shoot until no one's around.

Our words are deadly and can kill,

Yet they can also heal our wounds.

How odd that these spoken bullets

Should be used to fix what they moved.

Words, like the people who speak them,

Come in all shapes and sizes indeed.

Some bite and release venom,

And one little sting is all you need.

Powerful tools are the tongue and teeth,

Which say before they think of how.

And then apologies are necessary,

Because you wish you can take it back now!

Regrets often come as a result of our words,

So speak life on every occasion.

Speak joy, encouragement, and love,

To those with hate as their vocation.

It's amazing how a word you speak,

Or even a smile that you give,

Can soften the hardest of hurting hearts,

Making us remember how we should live.

With powerful words comes powerful impact,

As all with working tongues should know,

So instead of the bullets singing towards each other,

Let our words be the soft ebb of the flow.


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