The Power of Us

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 12:12 -- Krockj

The wind whispers as it ruffles through the trees. Birds sing along to nature's tune.

The glowing sun shines through golden leaves as it rises to the day. A king to its kingdom.

There is a richness of cool air and warm earth as people head out into the world.

Children are readying for school, grabbing their backpacks with their lined notebooks and lead pencils. Some more happy than others at the chance to learn for another day. Some ride the bus, others must walk a few miles before making it to their classrooms to learn; but to them, the early rising and long trek are worth it. They have been told that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. One day they may be a rich doctor or a businessman, and then they will help drive kids to school.

Men and women kiss their spouses goodbye for the day as they head off to work. Some work in offices of large companies. Others go to booming factories for production, or quieter, open fields to farm crops. Some will earn over $200 for just one day's work. Others, maybe $2. And still, they are proud to be earning an honest day's wage. 

Travelers check their maps as they search for their next destination; some have traveled halfway across the globe, while others are visiting a nearby city. Some trek up winding mountain trails as the sun crests over the mountain peak. Others walk through the buzzing crowds of a large city, taking in the smells of baked goods and car fuel. Sometimes strangers smile at one another. 

Somewhere, a rainbow of fresh fruits ripen on their stems. Azure waterfalls reflect the sunlight as animals awaken and join in on the birds' melody. 

The world is buzzing. It is coming alive, like the awakening of a beehive. People are going about their days, their lives.

And here I am. Sitting in my bed, window open, reflecting on the magnificence of the world and the people within it.

We are all living different lives, and yet, each of us in our own way have something to be thankful for. And that's a great way to greet the day.


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