The Power of Power

Effortless beauty, contagious smile
Confidence stretching in every mile
Trust in her power for lack of defeat
Ruler of the kingdom, bowed at the feet 
Kind to her people and seemingly pure
Her crown sits higher than ever before
The crown adored by many of obsession
Who falls in love with the her own mirror's reflection 
The power of power, grown like a weed
From the tinest, purest, most beautiful seed
Sparks in the Queen an idea in which a way
Her people would bow to her now each day
They ran and they run, they cried to her feet
For approval, acceptance; she'd never be beat
A village in distress, as her duties call
Her pitiful effort cause pure souls to fall
The kingdom it crumbled under her spell
The villagers watched and never could quell
Blood nor marriage enabled her Queen
But jealousy, lust, that once beautiful seed
The power of power, a dangerous march
In a kingdom lead by evil monarch
She reined most high and lead her troops
Until one day the troops stopped marching
They stopped their march and they stopped the fight 
They stopped their obsession and stopped the hype
And as the Queen's rein came dead
As did the crown fall from her head
Power is strength and control in such way
To have the authority to make those obey
But without her kingdom the Queen will soon know
That power is only there when people follow
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