Power of Poetry

Poetry says more than a thousand words

It’s capture your heart and soul

Connecting people through words

It tells the story of love, loss

The relationships between family and friends

The emotions of life and death.

It gives you the ability to walk

And the eyes to see 

Poetry allows you to experience 

The lives of people like you and me

It gives hope to the hopeless

It provides strength through hard times

A good poem is telling your life,

The situation at hand and pouring

Everything until the reader understands

Poetry can bind people together

And can provide comfort to the writer.


For me, poetry is the only way

I can say who I am, and how I feel.

I can tell my story for all who wants to hear

It has taught me that I am never alone

That life is not to be fought by yourself

That people are always willing to listen

It has taught me how to share my story

That life can always be worst but it depends on you

The hidden message of poetry is

Always in how it shaped your heart

This poem is about: 



Picture me as a twisted string

Coiled and troubled by many contradictions this world brings

Suffered with defeat by my disability

My heart splits in two as I allow the outside world yank me into a different direction

Attempting loss of hope within my dark soul

Confused as ever, more tangled from when I started

I stepped in a place of peer pressure

More pressured to the point of a more chaotic bundle

the fragile string matches with my sanity as each day passes by

As I am left there waiting for a person to unravel me

I experience the dark ages of my life because no one takes me seriously

The humanity this world continues to tell youths their value in this world, 

however many of them seems to forget to practice these words

They want us to become more confident within ourselves 

But like a string they expect us to lower our value with their superiority

As a string becomes fully knotted, its worth is lost

Its use is forgotten and thrown away

I let the negatives of Autism take over my mindset 

I let people treat as if I am second class

I forgot my self worth, my value, my honor to the world

A string is always overlooked because no one values its worth

It is used and crumbled and thrown away because it is always available for use

However just like anything created in this planet, a string faces the lowest hours 

However unlike me, a string won’t break

A string continues to keep its strength.

In my case, my string break and I allowed my struggles to spiral the way to the right path

As of my mother who was left in that same situation way before my time

However a soul who lost their way before

Found his way and glued us individually as one

Although my stepfather helped us keep us together in one

It wasn’t his job to unravel our bundle

Although it took a while to heal, we struggled to untangle the pain and past within

Our father, not by blood, but by heart, guide us the way to untie the knots

As we start to unravel the sufferance, it became easier to get back on track

Although we come in different shapes, color and sizes, we accept the beauty of each strings

And like a string, we branch out to help other knotted in strings in need.

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