The Power Of Poetry


There lived a man who had no cause

He worked for his keep and obeyed the laws

He found himself wondering in life

And searched his purpose with great strife

Until he came upon a woman robbed of youth

She smiled and said with one tooth,

"You've bounded on a world wide tour,

But I have what you're looking for."

Something poured from her lips

That floated around in beautiful wisps

He wrapped it in a piece of parchment

and thanked her before his homeward embarkment

This thing he had fed him for days

And helped him in innumerable ways

It gave him the key to his heart

And found a woman with which he'd never part

In the face of danger it became his sword

In the hearts of everyone it struck a chord

In its presence there was never a doubt

And his family never went without

He went to the woman and asked, "how could this be?"

She smiled and said, "Tis the power of poetry!"



Lovie Love

Thank you so much!


"Tis the power of poetry." I agree with everything QV wrote above. I love this!

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