The Power of Paperback

How dull and dim life would be

      without the crisp sound of a turned page,

from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Zamyatin's "WE"

      books are always the cure, and the best thing?

            They never age


When there's no one else there

      you're able to be swept away on the wings of paper, 

Together we fight creatures or fly through the air

      travel to new lands or climb beanstalks higher than a skyscraper


Then we come down and reality sets back in

      a world without magic or happy endings,

We start to miss those lands where we've never been

      books have a way of fixing things within their bindings


A day without storybook adventure is a day wasted,

      we never have to wait, just pick it back up and proceed,

Soon when memories become faded

      I pick up my book, turn the page and read



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