The power of the pain

I sit down quickly
In fear of collapsing due to the pain
The truth has suddenly arrisen
To painful to bear
To strong to forget
The way it went down was all wrong
It started with the necklace
It ended with the letter
The sting of harsh reality settles in
He did if
The thing you feared to happen
Has finally happened
I feel it
It shattered me
Ruined me
Destroyed me
And all I could do was sit and cry
Hope for the end of the pain
It seemed forever that I sat there crying
Finally I gather my strength
I stand
Only to feel as if I cell
Something did fall
My heart
My feelings
I fight to smile on the outside
So nobody gets suspicious
But when I am alone I sit
And stare into nothingness
And I stay there in the pain
Hoping someone will notice
Without saying a word
I force myself to face another day
With this huge gaping hole in my chest
I fear of falling only to fall everytime
I force myself into panic attacks so I can feel something
Besides nothing
I force myself to become a basket case
Because I hold it all in
I punch lockers in hopes of hurting myself
Physically to remove the emotional pain
It hurts
The pain
The power of pain

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