The Power Of One Word


Hurt. Mentally and physically.

How could one be so cruel?

Criticized and humiliated.

Both given through social media and school.


Mom says, "Be strong."

Bully says, "You're weak."

Both statements competed with each other.

In my mind.


Bigger than me.

Stronger than me.

Her arm is two sizes too long for me.

But I fight off her demeaning terms,

As if they were bullets hitting a shield.


"Fat" and "dumb."

Words being sent from a used Cricket phone.

Words being received by Twitter and Facebook,

With my name at the end,


On the outside, I was the girl one would love to meet.

Smile on my face.

My heart on my sleeve.

I was a loquacious girl, gregarious.

On the inside, I felt empty.

As if I was an empty water bottle.



Suicide is due to being bullied.

A long term solution to a temporary problem.

One word killed a person's pride.

The power of one word.

One word killed a person's dignity.

The power of one word.


A soul was lost and never recovered.

The power of one word.

The Bully continues to live on.

However, they live with regret.

They cost someone a life.

A life that was very expensive.

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