Power Of One

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 16:31 -- AFTRHR

I can

Be more,

I can fight my demons

Or embrace them

As motivation

I am the light and I am the dark

I am the shadow on the wall

I am the sun that brightens all

I will give my all

I crave tragedy,




To keep on walking tall

I will never back down

I can walk with the Gods

I can walk among men

I can be more than just a man

I can devote myself to this ideal

I can’t be stopped

I can become something else entirely

I am

A legend


I am a myth

A word spread around

Only thought to be a rumor

But I am real

I am waiting

For the my time to come

For my moment

For my redemption

To start a new leaf

And sway as free as a the wind

I can surpass my limits

Face the darkness

Die and be reborn again

As if I were a Phoenix

Submerge myself in my own poison

And become immune to it

I will rise

From the ashes

But first

I must become inflamed

And destroy my old self

I will emerge

A champion

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