The Power of Mother Nature

I watch her as the wind blows.

I watch her as the sun shines.

I envy her power towards us.

She conquers all.


She shows us her anger in storms.

She shows us her happiness in the brightest days.

She shows us her sadness in the rainiest days.

She is in power to human kind.


She is what we all see.

She is why we see things differently

Without her we will see nothing but bad.

With her we see the good in everyone.


She inspires us to see more,

Than what meets the eye.

She intertwines with love.

She is what we call beauty,

And she lives in all of us.


She is cute

She is gorgeous

She is handsome.


We cannot hide from her,

For she sees all what we do.

Mother Nature is she.

Beauty she is.


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