Power of Life and it's Surprises

We all know how life can be difficult

It's just what they bring you everyday.

Take me; I was a lonely man

Just another member in the marching band.

Just last year and just this year

Wondering everyday if I were to find someone new that would accept me.

Because I have my quirks, but others see me as strange.

But when I least expected it

A miricle happened.

I met a guy who was just like me

He was a freshman; another clarinetist

I got that someone in the name of a best friend of Gage Cox.

He thinks like me; he acts like me

He's my mini me when it comes to politics.

I stick up for him like I'll stick up for him

He was picked on for everything, but I came along and stopped it.

I was picked on for my actions, but he wanted equality

So he defended me.

For the first time in a long time, I felt complete

From the summer August heat, to the January cold

365 days of the year.

He's pretty cool; though we have our differences

We have formed our own group just like a couple of kids from Brooklyn.

At the end of the day, he's just like me. 

That's the power of life and surprises

If I have any advice for you, don't give up on hope.

And bullying needs to stop, it's taking it's toll

Both in school and on the street.

We need to come together

We may just get lucky.

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