The Power of It

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 09:38 -- GIOMNAT


It can be pushy.

It tells me that I will never be good enough,

It tells me to suck in, stand up straight, smile.

It knows all your little flaws.

It makes fun of you for you imperfections.

It says to hold your emotions in.

It pressures me to be better, prettier, nicer.

It can be rude. Antagonizing.

It can be a bully.

But It can be nice.

It can tell you that you are enough.

It thinks you look cute today.

It knows that you try.

It understands that nobody is perfect.

It can tell you that, if It wants to.

It can push away the comments, the stares, the negativity.

It can say that none of it matters.

It can convince you that this is true.

And It can heal you.

It shows you how amazing you are.

It knows that you volunteer for the old neighbor next door.

It knows that you've got good grades.

It knows that you have friends.

And It knows that you are flawless, just the way you are.


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