The Power of Humanity

It's a power we don't show,

Yet we see it every day.

We humans are unifed,

But in our own special way.


We are not all family.

We are not all allies.

World peace is a lie,

It's hard to actualize.


However way you want to view it,

Humans are very flawed.

Still, we try to change the world

Like we're some kind of god.


Through our own inventions,

We communicate efficiently.

It results in peaceful methods,

Benefitting both you and me.


Despite our differences,

We humans can still talk.

We can chat globally

Without the need to walk.


These people become friends,

Universal ones at that.

They're far, yet close

Like a dog chasing a cat.


Eventually the whole world became connected

Thanks to technology and contacts.

Now our earth is evolving,

Adding what it needs and lacks.


It added many things,

Including diversity, creativity, and respect.

Any conflict that occurs is noticed

And quicky resolved or checked.


Still, conflict is not extinct

Since it stays like a stain.

But now we have the water

To wash the spread with rain.


Humanity is a wonderful thing,

Pulling the Earth's strings like a puppet.

Holding all us together,

I just simply love it.





































This poem is about: 
Our world


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