Power of the fight

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 00:43 -- Kosi J.

My hands at my side

Breath heavy and deep

Nails digging into my skin

I know this is a bad idea


But who cares?

My hand flies up towards the other person

Hitting the side of their chin

Recoiling back to my side

Just a little swollen and pink


He swung back at me

His palm open,

Aiming at my face

Ducking, my shin hits his side,

Pushing him down


But his back leg

Snaps into place

Catching him gently

For his next swing to move swift


But again he misses,

His hand striking out at me

Missing my head my inches

My hand grabbing his elbow


As my body swings towards his,

Going towards his chest

But never releasing the grasp

On his tiny arm


My shoulder crashes into his

Hand now on the wrist,

Arm now dislocated

He was silly to try


Yet it wasn’t enough

His knee reaching up

And slamming into my side

But it doesn’t hurt yet


All the pain blocked out by the fight

My pulse racing

Breath steady and light

I grin


I can feel myself calming down

As the battle really gets going

Expecting that half moment of peace

Right before he dies


The adrenalin

Swing, miss, miss

My hand is swollen

By now well smashed


I must give up

Accepting defeat

But I won’t

I want that half moment


Swing, slam, hit, hit

Miss, miss, miss

I can think clearly

Maybe it’s time to stop playing


Time to finish this thing

Why draw it out any longer?

There will be someone here soon

Can’t let it be that extensive


My foot hits his knee,

Sending him backwards

My feet spin to the side, blocking his fall

But allowing my elbow


To reach his back

Sinking into him,

As he pulls himself up

Away from the pain


And my foot meets the back

Of his knee this time

Sending him to the ground

My pulse extremely steady

The fight almost won


My arm reaches out,

Catching his wrist

Tucked kindly behind his back

I allow myself to fall with him


But as his chest hits the ground,

I stop just to the sides

Straddling him

Feet at his knees


His arm in my control

His legs pinned down,

Unable to save himself

From the inevitable fate


So I swing around to the front

Letting go of his arm as I move

And extending my hand

As his reaches mine


I pull him up to his feet,

Shaking hands as we

Walk away from it all

The fight won, battle over


My nails dig into my skin

Keeping my from going back

To really finish this thing

But it can’t go that far ever again


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