The Power of Education


Poetry slam scholarship

His hands tingled at the coldness he felt when he touched the iron bars

He is locked in a small room that divides him and the world, that divides him and opportunities out there; that divide him and his future

He got caught in a messy business. Of course, he got his education on the streets rather than in school as he learned about different drugs, different drinks, and the fastest way to make money

He almost made it. Almost meaning he failed at becoming what he is meant to become, that is someone great

He dropped out of high school and refused to get a GED. He thought he did not need it. Instead, he found comfort in joining a gang, sleeping with girls

That guy is me.

Unfortunately, it is too late for me now

It is not for you. Let’s change the communities who engage in violence and crime to start engaging in math and science

Let’s change the apathy for education to passion for excelling

Let’s change the fights that end with gunshots to debate tournaments about the injustice in different countries

Let’s change the addiction for drugs to the addiction for reading

Let’s start by picking up a book. That is what Malcolm x did in jail so I did too.

Since then I was changed.




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