The Power of a dream


house, and a white picket fence

smell of the beach and a life of paradise was what i sense

is this a vision of my life in the future or is this all just a false pretense

dreamt of this when i was 15, 6 years later scratching money to make the months rent

making my dreams into reality wont ever be broke nor bent

this dream is the life that i was meant to have

currently life is a struggle, and it seems pretty bad

but i know after that degree i shall have 

a life of success and I'm surely to be glad

ongoing dreams with this same setting,

when I wake up its like comparing a divorce to a wedding 

My mind is made up, I will continue college

Learn my career and in the meantime just fill myself up with knowledge

stop fearing of not reaching my dream

because if not my life won't get better now and stay as it seems

I go on youtube everyday looking for speeches of success

when the speech I should tell myself is what would be best

be the best and never aim for anything less

feeling stress slip away slowly feels as if I'm that much closer to success

wanting life as my mind has seen

all this I want to accomplish because of the power of a dream



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