The Power of Change

Sometimes I wish I could change the way I am,

I procrastinate and ignore the issue at hand,

If I  could just change the way I think I could achieve even more than I ever thought I could do before,

Myself-esteem is low and it keeps me in the dark,

I dont believe in me or in my ability to succeed,

I dont believe I am capable of achieving anything,

If I could just improve myself-esteem then that would change the way I think,

I would have a stronger confidence in all that I set out to do,

Miraculously my grades would improve,

I would have even less stress if I would do what I am supposed to do,

Procrastinating is the worst it only causes more stress,

It builds up unfinished work causing me to give up all together,

I will change the way I think I will not allow myself to say "I will finish it up another day",

No I will not be lazy I will finish it the day I start,

If I would just finish what I start that is the majority of the hard part,

Not procrastinating would be a form of art,

Not everyone has the skill or mind set to create a complete finished master piece,

I will change my mind set and be more optimistic in the work I must complete,

If I had  the power to change one thing about me,

Procrastinating would be my ultimate challenge,

If I succeeded it would be my ultimate accomplishment


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