Power in an Awesome Pen


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Shakespeare came in a dream talking of love and madness

His visions seemed worldly and far beyond his time


Shakespeare wove together a love story of shallow attraction and sadness

With a death or two to dot their tired eyes

Hemingway tapped me on the shoulder on a crowded street at night

He whispered guilt soaked lullabies that croaked of murder


His skin was strange, white, and tight

And the truths of his decisions rest on his shoulder


Though both were strong in ability they differed in stance

One who dreamed of a lethal love the other a killing romance


Sometimes when the world is frighteningly dark

The streets seem cold and worn

Though children laugh and play in the park

Millions of hearts stay torn


They ask me what is awesome

They say give me a story that’s light

I choose to speak of the awesome stories

That come to me when I write


The power of a pen is an awesome one

One that God bestowed

The power of a pen is an awesome one

As it is the window to a closed soul


Writing is a part of me the best part I know

It’s writing that affects my life in ways otherwise unknown

It’s writing that can change lives through words that reflect true art

Whether it’s the love between teenagers or the floorboards masking a beating heart


It’s writing that is awesome in life, in yours, and the next

It’s awesomeness that bleeds through words that know me best


In different worlds or galaxies writing will always stay

From Dickins, Rowling, Shakespeare, or Ernest Hemingway 

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I completely agree. Writing is such a fantastic outlet and form of expression. I pull out my journal and can see my very thoughts. It makes it much easier to understand what's really going on in my heart and mind.

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