I couldn't help but twist and shake
As if something had the remote control to my body.
I found that my fingers wouldn't stop moving and my mind was racing.
Feelings of violation overcame me
Just like it was.
It invaded me and without my consent became a part of me. 
I tried to get rid of it but it lingered around like a stray. 
I felt sorry for it and reluctantly I stopped trying to scare it off.
And just like any new thing it was weird at first. 
It wouldn't come to me when I whistled.
It always bugged me when I didn't desire it.
It was overbearing at the worst times and I didn't know what to do with it.
But I couldn't get rid of it because somewhere deep inside of me I knew I needed it and it needed me. 
So one day I just accepted it and decided I'd take on the task.
I opened the door of my temple.
I had to tend to it, tame it,
And with time I began to love it.
It was a kind of power I never knew 
Or at least I thought I didn't.
It never resonated before but once I embraced it, I realized.
It just awakened what was already embedded in my skin,
In my heart, and in my soul.
I wouldn't be who I am if hadn't overcame me. 
I'd have a different identity if I didn't embrace the power of poetry.


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