Mon, 04/26/2021 - 13:12 -- Baya

seven months now

i've watched him out of the corner of my eye

he caught my attention right away 

what he doesn't know 

is that i'm resisting

because if i didn't, i know it'd be wrong

the other night his touch caught me by surprise

he put his hand on my should for a fraction of a second

and the warm gentleness of his hand is what surprised me

for someone so intimidating 

his touch felt so vulnerable 

his voice softer than usual

whenever it's just he and i 

it's like i can't speak 

and when he gets close

i feel powerless, but at the same time

i never feel more powerful 

his stare is so intense, yet gentle

and i can't hold eye contact with him 

for very long

because i succumb under his stare 

he doesn't know how easy i'd cave in to him 

he doesn't know the power he has over me 

and i don't know why he has such a hold over me

he can't know how i feel 

it's dangerous 

feelings are dangerous 





This poem is about: 
Our world


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