Power Up

Goin’ through life, gotta to stay motivated

I have to know what I want and be patient

Because something’s In life takes some waitin

It takes some steadfast with no procrastination


There’s going to some hurdles that bring the heat

But I know I can jump them with my feet

Carry all that I can with plus more with me

Ducking and diving along to the beat


Gotta make sure everything Is adequate

Can’t let nobody persuade me out of this

Imma ball until I hear the “swish”

That’s when I know that I finally made It


Being self-sufficient can hard at times

But I know something about strategy and I capitalise

You can say that I’m one of a kind

Because my next move Is executed in my mind


Material things don’t matter to me

I would rather give than to receive freely

Kinda like “see In need feel in need”

Through there everyone succeeds


One step at a time, I know that I can make It

With every rain drop, I know I can take It

With a broken dream, I know I can create It

Because I know I was born to face It


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