Mon, 04/17/2017 - 19:23 -- BN15

power? Is that what you ache for?

Is that why you choose to use people more and more? I refuse to let you control me.I’m gonna be who I’m called to be. So you can throw me out like I never mattered to youbut we both know that’s far from true. You’ll never be able to ignorethe fact that I was there when you were at war. I didn’t care about the demons you were trying to hideunder the mask of pride.  I knew, but I still fought for you. You can pretend I never cared,but you’re always gonna be in my prayers. You can act like you’re ok and run away, but your actions are making you easy prey. You think you’re in control,but inside you there is growing hole because you’re the one with stringsand you’ve made the wrong person your king. Do you even realize you’re under his binding gripand religion is simply apart of his script? Tell me. Are you aware?or do you just not care? You use to at least try to fight,but now it’s like everything you do is in spite because people are now your stepping stone,but one day that will leave you broken and alone. 

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