Poverty and Crime


United States

i have my own memories brewed with sin,i did it for my family and i would do it again,one day i spoke with god, i knew it was him,"Son im going to take you where few have been."he took my hand and appered before a huge mansion,dont explain yourself, i thought he knew what happened,"Your actions are bad but you do it for a good purpose."i thought he had a punishment in hand, i stood nervouse,"Robbed just to keep your familiy full and nurished,keeping them warm placing wood in the fernace,but your means is what i would have to discourage.""Forgive me father, i just want to feed them this orange, to keep them from starving, i'd do it in another way if i couldbut i dont have anything to work with but the hood,on the corner of stores i waited and stood,waiting for pray to walk by debating if i should,if there was an alternative to this than i would,choose that to bring home some needed fire wood.""I know my child but you have to change your ways.""A different life i asked for, everyday i prayed,all night i stood up thinking of what they would say,about me at my funeral after i fade away."


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