<p> Potato,Potato,Po-tato/ Everyday, Every hour/ Licking Potatoes /In the shower /Potatoes are smexy /Potatoes are fine /You wanna lick potatoes? /Well too bad they're mine / <p> Potato, potato, po-tato /Everyday, every hour /Licking potatoes /Gives me power /Power to go on /Power to live /Potato oh potato /What more can u give / <p> Lunch or dinner /It doesn't even matter /Just give me potatoes /With or without a platter /Licking them daily /Gives me delight /In the morning, afternoon, and even at night / <p> Potato, potato, po-tato /Everyday, every hour /Licking potatoes /You'd want to devour /From mashing and frying /To being cut with a knife /Potato is love.... /Potato is life..... /

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Our world


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