Sun, 12/01/2019 - 17:14 -- Bisma

Looking up at the sky.
Trying to catch a glimpse of a star.
Trying to get air in my lungs.
Trying to get the stuttering breath out of my lips.
Looking up at the sky.
So clear and beautiful.
How can something be so exquisite?
How can something leave one so enamored?
The night is clear.
The clouds are hiding.
The breeze touches my face and I fall in love.
My heart beats loud in my chest.
It feels the love from the night sky.
Want to capture it all with my own sinful eyes.
How can something be so beautiful?
The moon I see, holds the secrets of the world.
The moon knows and sees it all.
The moon looks ethereal, begging to be looked at.
Can almost capture it in my hand if I reach out.
The sky should have all the pride in this world.
Have you seen something more beautiful?
It makes me feel at peace, it makes me fall in love.
I never thought it was possible.


Musfira Rashid

Absolutely amazing


Thank you!

Musfira Rashid

I felt it

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