Alone with no sense, 

Here comes an angel with its presence, 

In just a split second,

Just a split second,

I see the light that has come before me. 


I thought I was alone,

All my life I felt alone,

When the angel came close I understood everything.


I understood people better,

I understood the bitterness, 

I understood the kindness,

I understood the complexity of the mind, 

I understood what I had to do to survive.


I had to learn how to read people’s gestures,

Their words,

Their thoughts,

In order to understand.


That angel was the very reason I kept going, 

Seeing the way the angel kept flying changed my perspective, 

The fact that the angel was hurt and kept flying made me change,

It changed me with the way I viewed life,

I knew what it meant to be alive.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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