Positively Negative


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There he stood with the thing that could change her life drastically as

she eyed the man quizzically.

She thought back to the boy she met months before

And the night he came knocking at her door.

He told her things that made her swoon

Not thinking at the moment that he could be the cause of her doom

She knew this boy for awhile which is how he convinced her that

If they had unprotected sex this once she would not conceive a child

Before they went too far she told the boy they should take a test

And that the results might take awhile.

His response was to shake his head and say that just isn’t his style.

At the results she heard the doctor read she couldn’t help but smile.

Her and her new partner both scored negative on a test that was very


The lesson to take from this is really quite simple

Don’t fall victim to his pretty eyes or her innocent dimples

Because having sex is just physical it’s also mental

You should do everything to make your outcome the best

Because that one smart move can save you from scoring positive on an H.I.V test

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