I get up and greet the day.

Not for me but for my family.

If I let the disease guide my thoughts, 

Here is where I wouldn't be. 

I greet the day and think of mom and sisters.

How us kids used to play on the monkey bars until we got blisters.

How my mom would patch us up and calm us while we cried.

I greet the day thinking of all the positive things

while i drink my cup of coffee and listen to the bird outside my window sing.

The sunshine with light fog

It has me thinking of the day back in summer I got to pet a frog.

As I finish my coffee and walk out the door and down the block, 

The smell from the coffee shop by my bus stop

is engraved in my brain and I have it on lock.

The bump of the music in my ears stimulating my mind 

has made me realize how this depression has not overcome me nor affected my daily grind.

It will not take me and I will not let it.

I will continue to focus on the positivity in my life.

And each day I will wake up and greet the day,

knowing it will not be my last.

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